My hardest life lesson…..,..,

My hardest life lesson.

To learn not everyone is like me & has a big heart & good intentions.

When you have a big heart full of love & kindness, you gladly share, you are always helping & supporting others, people are drawn to your love & light like a magnet for that very reason.

But it is often taken for granted, used & abused. They want what you have, then spit you out or suck you dry.
Some simply vanish or disconnect when they can no longer manipulate or use you.

We learn, we see, we grow, we remember.

Who is there for you?
Have you learnt not everyone is the same?
Have you finally learnt to keep some of that love & light for yourself?
Have you learnt you deserve better?
Have you learnt about healthy boundaries?
Are you so trusting anymore?
Can you see straight through someone’s motives now?
The hardest lesson is we think others are like us?

A good heart will only be happy once it has learnt these life lesson, but first you will endure a lot of pain & heartache.



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