Resoundingly everyone that I have spoken to lately has had to face their biggest fears.

False energy appearing real
Face energy and rise

Fear is such a crippling, diminishing, crushing, paralysing, overwhelming energy.
We fear what we do not know.
We fear what we do not have.
We fear the unknown.
We fear loosing control.
We fear feeling helpless.
We fear letting go.
We fear loosing possessions.
We fear loosing loved ones.
We fear our own power.
We fear being judged.
We fear others opinions.
We fear the truth.
We fear change.
We fear our life’s journey & challenges.

The real skill is to face the fear or perceived fear, because in reality most times we have fed or amplified the energy.
We have had to face & live through hard experiences & learnt fear.
We get trapped in the mental anguish, becoming a prisoner to our mind/ego & monkey chatter.
We fear what we do not understand, instead of learning that knowledge is power.

You are born to survive & thrive, to be alive, expansive, empowered, mastering self & your life lessons.
When you set your self worth upon possessions, status, people, surroundings, you will live in fear, because all these things can be lost or taken away from you & will be challenged throughout life.

The only thing you get to take with you from this earth plane is the love & light in your heart & soul.
Nothing else goes home with you.

When your learn to let go, you are finally free. For your love, light & happiness isn’t determined by any outside force it is a mighty force from within.

Love, light & blessings
Jenny 🙏💜


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