So many people are dealing with deep issues, soul work, life changes & ascension symptoms.
Many are struggling in a world of mental confusion & disconnection from soul & life purpose.
Many overwhelmed with emotions.
Many unsure of why am I here?
Many stuck in worlds & belief systems they know they no longer belong to or believe in.

Instead of sitting in judgement, have you ever taken the time to consider just what that person has endured?
What haunts them?
Who or what betrayed or broke them?
What hell are they living through or trying to overcome?

Be kind,
Be gentle,
Open your heart with compassion,
We are all spiritual beings in human form struggling in this physical journey called life.

Everybody has a story.
Very few hear or know the truth.

Do you ever look past the end of your nose & really see others?

When was the last time you reached out & asked – Are you ok?

We can never truly understand someone’s journey, unless we have walked a mile in another’s shoes.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


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