Energy Update

Energy Update

Have you been shown your truth?
Are you ready to push through this next level?
Are you ready to shoot for your dreams & land bang on target?
Are you sorting & letting go?
What has got under your skin to force you to make a choice & change?
Can you feel the fire in your belly stirring?
Are you getting itchy feet?
Are you seeing blocks all around those plans you thought were right for you, but just aren’t happening?
Have you reflected on where you want to go?
Have you cleared away the dead wood from your life?
Do you need an ending to create the space for a new beginning?

As the energy builds for tomorrow’s Full Moon in Sagittarius a Fire sign, be aware, fire energy is transformational.
It will cause big endings.
It will burn you if you think you can just play with the fire.
It can stir big energy to deal with in the negative, like jealousy, rage, anger, greed & envy.
In the positive it will gift you strength, courage, drive, passion & inspiration.

So what energy do you want to experience & harness?

Don’t worry about making waves simply by being yourself.
The Moon does it all the time.

Be you,
Love you,
Create the world you dream of.
It’s time to push forward dear ones.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


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