Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon Blessings

This morning at 7.12am (Adel) time Grandmother Moon is now full in the fixed Water sign of Scorpio.
She was so majestic with a golden ring around her last night, bathing us in her illuminated grace, filling even the darkest places with light.
Did you feel the sting of emotions from the mighty scorpion 🦂emerge?
Did you shed emotions?
Did you feel enormous emotional turmoil or releases in your world?
Did you survive the pressure cooker forcing you to let go of what no longer serves you?

Some walked through this energy & are birthing & transforming their worlds, free to follow their paths & start to soar.

For some, who resist change, who are stuck in old patterns & belief systems, you can be guaranteed they faced & are in a dark place, deep within the shadows of their souls. Some would have endured the dark night of the soul with this profound energy.

But it’s in the shattering that the light gets in. Chaos precedes change & we have just been through the chaos.
Now the transformation begins.
The Phoenix rises from the ashes & rubble & is reborn, a bigger, braver, stronger & wiser version of self.

Scorpio energy demands endings & rebirth. It takes no prisoners & is forcing all that has layed deep within the shadow self to be forced into the light. Scorpio energy is ruthless & unforgiving in demanding it.

The Nodes or Karmic points have shifted from Cancer (families & relationships) to Leo (your power, courage & pride, leadership) after 18 months of lessons. This also added to this huge transformational energy.
There can no longer be such great personal sacrifice for the sake of another. We all must step up.

So as we walk out of these energies, it’s time to let go, to release, to shed, to express our words, to acknowledge our emotions, to get real, to be authentic, to be you.

Be gentle loving & nurturing you & your loved ones. Watch out if someone is down & out & show them they aren’t alone. That they are seen & loved.

A power combination of Moon in Scorpio demanding change & Sun in Taurus demanding beauty & harmony within your world. No wonder so many had so much inner conflict.

Release, let go, move forward.

Love, light & blessings


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