Energy Update

Energy Update
It’s all about your start ……….

So who has big emotions stirring at the moment?
Who has been shown a relationship at breaking point?
Have you had an unexpected reconnection with someone or is something sorting itself out?
Are things shifting & changing in your world?
Are you ready for a challenge?
Has something come to an abrupt end?
Has a new cycle started to emerge?
Have those long planned for dreams stared to become a reality?

This upcoming Scorpio Full Moon 7.12am tomorrow (Adel) sure is pushing for change, demanding endings, transformation & rebirth.

Did you see how bright & large it was last night?
It was like Grandmother Moon was gently shining her light into the darkest crevice of your soul & world. She was so serene yet steadfast in her energy, literally like that Grandmother that can charm you into doing whatever she wants just by showing you a little of her love & wisdom. She was weaving magic last night.

The Veils were thin & communication with the Heirachy was very easy last night.
Did you have trouble sleeping?
Did you have vivid dreams?
Have you woken up with clarity & purpose emerging?

So the releasing, shedding & letting go will happen over the next couple of days if it hasn’t begun already.

Be very aware of snitchy, short tempered, overwhelmed, irritable, frustrated, absent minded people. Many will be in a haze or fight/flight mode as the shifts take place.

Remember, change is always preceded by chaos.

So if chaos is in your world, don’t crumble, push through to solid ground.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go………..
They merely determine where you start.

And the start of change is always the hardest part.

Be gentle on you or those around you.

I will write more about the Full Moon later.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings




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