Remembering & Learning

Learning & remembering.

Your soul holds your wisdom from many lifetimes lived.
The key is to get out of your head & stop being ruled by ego which will cast fear & doubt. It will keep you from your spiritual evolution, trapped in the physical journey only.
Trust that knowing, that deep sense within, that yearning, that thing you have always been naturally good at, that thing you are magically drawn to, where you are guided to go.
For that is your soul, it gently whispers, yearns, it gives you a deep sense of belonging, of coming home, of being you. Of being perfectly enough in all your own divine & unique beauty.
Connect to your soul & you will discover your higher self, your calling & connection to the Creator, to higher dimensions full of knowledge, to deep connections & guidance.
It all lays deep within you.
Peel away the layers, journey through the shadow self, face those fears, get rid of what isn’t your truth, find what is your moral compass, what your cloth is really made of.
This is the hardest & loneliest journey you will ever take or have to endure, for you alone must do it, believe in it, embrace it, fight for it, protect it, nurture it, be challenged by it, be broken into a million pieces, but the blessings & empowerment & evolution is all worth it.
Your light within will be the beacon, your connection to a world of beauty, amazement, shine brightly dear ones.
You will be home, greatly loved & supported.
Love, light & blessings


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