Energy Update

Energy Update

We are building to the big energy of the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon early Thursday morning.

This is a powerhouse Full Moon.
Scorpio is the sign of death/endings, rebirth & transformation – there is your key.

So what you have in your heart will be squarely in your world to be dealt with.

If you have love in your heart for yourself, your world, your hopes & dreams this energy will gift you the emotion, passion & desire to excel & see your dreams birthing before your eyes. Beyond your hopes.

However, if you are in the shadow self, the darkness may feel all encompassing, thick, heavy, overwhelming. It’s the energy that will strip you bare, challenge your belief systems, push you or relationships to breaking point.

But hold on dear ones, for its in the shattering or breaking that the Phoenix rises from the ashes and all that no longer serves you or diminishes you can & will be left behind you.

The Veils between the worlds are thin.
Call on your great Ancestors to stand with you in the shadows.
Call on your guides.
Call on the Angels.
Call on whatever your belief system resonates to.

The heirachy cannot intervene with your free will unless you ask for help.
So when you fall to your knees & shatter it’s the perfect time to surrender & allow the new you to be birthed.

It can feel overwhelming, change always is, but the Universe is now stepping forward & pushing you towards your destiny. It will demand this transformation. In this 1 Universal Year, the year to lay your new foundations for the next 9 year cycle.

It is the time to let go of all that no longer serves you. Endings will happen. But we must always have endings to let go & create the space for the beautiful new you & world that is waiting for you.

It’s big energy, don’t underestimate it.
Be aware, if you feel overwhelmed, which is very likely, reach out.
Call a friend.
Share your feelings with a trusted loved one.
You are never alone, even though we have to walk our journey ourselves.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


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