Inner strength

I am thankful for my struggles.
Because without it I would never have stumbled across my strength.

Now that’s a big statement & very true.
That’s how you know you have done the work, healed the wounds, learnt the lessons & gained the wisdom.

Everybody wobbles.
Everybody has problems.
Everybody has lessons.
Everybody has bad, harsh & even ugly times that we have to endure.

But it’s in the harshest, darkest, hopeless times, where we have no choice but to survive, to hang on & fight hard, to work our way through the darkness & shadows.
This is the moment where we find what we are made of.
Where we discover our inner fortitude.
Where we discover our moral compass, our belief system, our courage, our strength, our own truth.

Everything you ever need to not only survive but thrive, lives deep within you.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


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