New Moon in Taurus

New Moon Blessings

Tonight at 9.46pm we have our New Moon in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus, depicted by the Bull, and ruled by Venus.

The energy is all about solid foundations & physical security, stability, patience, ability to create beauty, routines, steadfastness, it’s all about your earthly reality. It’s ruled by your assets, finances & the things that you value.

Balanced you will be pleasure loving, peaceful & calm, working steadily towards your new goals & dreams. You will be feeling safe & secure within yourself & where you are heading with your life.

This energy craves beauty & extravagance. Rich or fine foods, you may feast, or crave your favourite chocolate or treats. It’s how we feel rewarded, or to have earnt a treat for a job well done.

It also craves strong foundations or establishing or setting these foundations & boundaries.
It craves to sense & know that there is now something tangible for the hard work you have done.

Taurus energy craves possessions & beautiful things & you may find a real resistance to let something go or accept changes, which can cause problems & too much focus on materialism.

In the negative you may find yourself like the bull in the china shop, madly charging in or full steam ahead, breaking everything & leaving a trail of destruction.
Or you can be as stubborn as an old bull refusing to move, or all fired up & charging!!!

It hates complex mind games or emotional outbursts, it won’t respond well to this coercion. It must feel safe & free, it must be pleasurable & even sensual in nature.
Think of the bull just chilling out, chewing on its cud & lush pasture ruling it’s domain with strength, power & courage.

The key is slow & steady to make long term, realistic, long lasting successful goals & foundations.

New Moon’s herald a new cycle & new beginnings.
What new cycle are you birthing?
What have you been planning?
Have you got hopes & dreams?
Have you been working towards a bright future?
Are you ready to launch a project?
Are you ready to be you?

It is finally time to ground those hopes & dreams, to beautify your world.

Dream your world into being, for the Universe is on your side & saying yes, yes, yes, it’s time.
Go for it !!!!

Love, light & blessings


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