Energy Update

Energy Update

Wow the last 3 weeks have been full on energetically.
Yesterday Mercury the planet of communication has finally been released from its retrograde phase.
Now we all know when Mercury reverses it demands that we redo, revisit, relearn, revise all aspects of our communications.
This includes just how we talk & communicate with ourself & others?
Do we actually stop & listen?
Do we really care?
This phase impacts as well on the tools we use to communicate, they get many glitches at this time like computers & phones.
Social media & how we use them?

The energy has been to the point of oppressive, many feeling overwhelmed, many exhausted after a huge transformational period of time in their lives, many broken & shattered. Last week I spoke with many who felt huge emotions & life challenges were placed squarely in their face to deal with.

The energy of 2017, this 1 Universal Year, takes no prisoners & is ruthless & unrelenting in demanding that you face the truth, you live your truth, you are your authentic self & you have been made accountable for your actions or inaction.

What I do know is the only way forward or to make progress is to go through it not around it.

The time is now.
Have you faced your fears?
Have you had your greatest pains surface?
Have you had your deepest vulnerabilities thrown in your face?

Have you seen in last few days a shift?
Have you received communications from an unexpected source?
Have those plans finally got the green light & started moving ahead?
Have you gained clarity?
Have you worked out who is there for you & who isn’t?
Have you realised or discovered your truth?
Have you finally decided what your truth is & now able to speak it?

Congratulations, you have been doing some great Soul work.

Now keep walking forward, baby steps if you have to, but baby steps are a great place to start.

Forge forward & dream your world into being, for you have earnt many blessings for honoring why you are here……….to discover & empower your I Am essence.

Love, light & blessings


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