Shine brightly

As you start to shine brightly be aware………..

This is exactly what you were born to do, to shine your love & light.
To find what you are good at.
To remember who you are.
To reconnect to your gifts & talents.
To share them freely & to be of service.
To find your purpose & embrace it.
To be happy.
To feel alive.
To shed the layers & discover your I Am essence.
To connect deeply as a spiritual being.
To evolve.
The path of awakening & self mastery.

this is when you will find many threatened by you, jealousy, envious.
You may even find the ugly act of betrayal will have to be dealt with.
Maybe it’s because they wish they had the strength & courage you have.
Maybe it’s because they want to be like you.
Maybe because their lives are miserable & they think everyone else should be to.
Maybe they are just lazy & think the world owes them everything on a silver platter.
Maybe they simply don’t understand you, and you always fear what you don’t understand or know.
Maybe they are a very judgemental person.
Maybe they are simply not nice human beings.
Some like nothing better than intimidating, controlling & diminishing others.
For some it’s all about power.

When people are intimidated by your strength & happiness, they will try to tear you down & break your spirit.
Remember it is a reflection of their weaknesses, not a reflection of you.

Something to ponder,

Shine brightly dear ones,
For nobody has the right to break your heart & soul.

Love, light & blessings


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