University of Life, the Master Teacher.

University of Life is the Master Teacher.

The physical incarnation is the most prized for your souls evolution.
The soul has come to the physical to learn, grow, evolve, empower then ascend.

For many souls the physical life can be pure torture, feelings of not belonging, trapped in a heavy dense body & vibration, enduring many challenges & karmic lessons. For some hell is on earth.

Life gives you the opportunity to peel away all that is not your truth, your moral compass, learned behaviours, an opportunity to journey deep within to reclaim your divine I Am essence.
It is a journey of self mastery.
It is all about your souls evolution.

Life can often be lived as a beautiful lie.
Many never connecting to their souls whispers, yearnings, guidance & wisdom.
The ego keeping you trapped in old outdated paradigm or belief systems. You become a shadow of your glorious self.

Many fear death.
Death has such a bad wrap, because we associate it with grief, deep loss, desperation, separation, pain & suffering.
Indeed the death of the physical shell often is a cruel & bitter rights of passage.
When you loose a loved one or look death in the face, you do face many painful truths.

But life & death are just part of a souls evolution.

When you know or learn this, everything changes.

Every experience you go through, the good, the bad & the ugly, is there to heal you, to teach you, to make you strong, to bring you home to your true magnificence.

You are a divine being of pure love & light.

Are you ready to reclaim this?

Has the University of Life provided you with many opportunities to grow & evolve?

What blessings have you discovered in the harshest, darkest times & places?

What truth, learning, healing & wisdom have you gained upon this journey called life?

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


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