Energy Update

Energy Update

Big energy is shifting & clearing & I would like to offer you some guidance & clarity.

All day I have felt a big shift, as Saturn the planet of Karma begins its retrograde phase & we start to build towards the upcoming full moon in Libra.

Now people hear Karma and fear it.
But remember Karma is only a bitch if you are!!!
For many of us the last few years have put us through a fast tracked powerful ascension path. We have had to endure much splattering, shedding & shattering from old paradigms that no longer serve our highest good.
This has seen many relationships, friendships, families, connections & belief systems simply fall by the wayside, as vibrations shifted, changed & evolved.

Many are sitting thinking what happened?
Many are looking at very different worlds now.

The mighty wheel of life has been turning, so if you have done the work, healed the wounds, learnt the lessons, gaining the wisdom, you are ready to start a time of personal empowerment, reflection & awakening where balance & harmony are being restored.
Karma !!!

We reap what we sow.

So if life has been brutal and forced changes upon you then it’s been to awaken you, to see a truth you resisted, not to break or punish you.

If you have been dishing out bad karma to others, then the mirror will reflect your poison arrows & karmic debt back to you big time.

The energy of the upcoming full moon is in Libra.
It wields the mighty sword of truth & justice.
Injustices will be dealt harshly with.
Truth will be seen.
Masks will fall off.
This is to restore beauty, balance, peace, tranquility, exactly what this energy craves & demands.

So work with this energy not against it.
Let go of the pain, hurts, betrayal etc.
Get real & truthful and cut those cords that bind or diminish you.
Are you going to get off the karmic merry go round and start to take back your power & free yourself to be all that you were destined to be?

What you asked for in life is coming………but first I will make you strong.

Shine brightly dear ones, it takes great strength & courage to look your greatest fears & triggers in the eye, but that is the only way to love you back whole & reclaim your divine heart & soul.

Something to ponder.
Love, light & blessings



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