Full Moon Blessings

Full Moon Blessings

Today at 3.38pm (Adel) Grandmother Moon is full & sharing her wisdom in the Cardinal Air sign of Libra.

Depicted by the scales it gifts you balance, or the process of restoring balance into your world.

Libran energy craves balance and there has been a huge push to release all that is out of balance in your world.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and yearns for balance, beauty, peace, harmony, justice & truth within your world, that’s when you have the space to spread your wings & fly high. That’s when you are home in love with life, your world, your purpose & loving yourself.

However, Libran energy wields the mighty sword of truth. It is all about justice or balancing any perceived or real injustice that you may have endured or that has been thrust upon you to learn & grow from.
But be warned it is a double edged sword, if you wield it in judgement, or for ill will, it will cut you just as deep. It must be used with great integrity & truth, releasing through love & wisdom not hurt & control.

Remember Saturn the planet of Karma has just gone into retrograde, revisiting your life lessons & journey. Combine that with Mercury retrograde the planet of communication & Venus the planet of beauty & love coming out of her retrograde phase, the big planets are pushing us to seek & find our truth.
What truths have you finally seen?

Nothing will fire this energy up more than untruths, injustice, control, dominance, unfair, disrespect. You can be guaranteed if this energy has been around you, the fire in your belly, the passion or fight, will push you through to make long overdue life changes.
It will gift you the strength & courage to love you again & bring back the true love & light of your heart & soul, making sweeping changes to restore your truth & balance.

Full Moons are pressure cookers designed to help things come to a head, to rattle you, to release, to let go, for endings that create space for new beginnings & cycles.

Libran energy craves & demands it.
It will demand you get real.
It will show you truth.
It will help you cut away lower vibrations, old belief systems, attachments, people & situations that diminish or no longer serve your highest good.
Masks will fall off & you may see some ugly people beneath them.
You may see people start to shine in all their beauty as they shed protective layers & start to show their true self.
You may see big battles between ugly & beauty.
You may have many relationships under the spot light.
You may have a great need to eat well, move your body & nurture you.
You may need to beautify & change your surroundings.

Whatever brings these aspects to your world, the truth will set you free.
The balance is & will come.

In this 1 Universal Year, of new unlimited possibilities what do you need to do to restore the scales to balance, to restore beauty in you & your world?

What will you be gifted?

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


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