I’m tired Boss

I’m tired Boss

So many people have spoken to me lately, sharing their feelings & emotions. As I sit & reflect they all have the same thread.

I’m tired!
How much more work do I have to do?
When is this going to be over?
Why is so much shit & ugliness popping up everywhere in the world?
It’s unrelenting when do I get a break?
I have to go sort out their problems?
Why is it always up to me to fix everything?

Well, the dimension has shifted from the old 3rd dimension of control, power, greed & domination.

Many light workers are born to be of service & have been placed in this lifetime in the harshest of places, families & situations to shield this darkness from the masses & hold light.

But now we know that’s not our job anymore.

This is the transition lounge, the times are changing.
We all know how hard change is.
We fight to hold on & fight to let go.
We are not the old & not immersed in the new.
The shield has gone from the ugly & its there for all to see now.
That’s why there’s so much coming to the fore in the world & your world.

It’s the shift & time of the 5th dimension. A time of inclusion, oneness, compassion, communities, humanitarians.

It is time to hold your light steady, just like that lighthouse is a beacon of light in the stormy seas at night, guiding a ship past obstacles.

Have you stepped away from being the buffer or emotional punching bag for others?
Have you set healthy boundaries?
Have you realised its not your job to save everybody?
Have you realised its ok to say no?
Have you seen how much of your light was used to shine outwardly?
Does my help enable their behavior?
Am I stopping them from learning their own lessons?
Am I the one trying to control?

It’s said we used up to 80% of our light to honor this service to mankind.

Now imagine if you took back some, a portion or most of that energy, light & power back for your soul’s evolution.

Just think, how you are now energetically & how amazing you can be with reclaiming your full potential & become pure light & love.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings

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