Full Moon Blessings.

Full Moon Blessings

This morning at 11.02am (Adel) Grandmother Moon is full in Leo.
Leo is a Fire sign, ruled by the Sun.
I spoke of the Lion traits yesterday and where the hidden keys may be.
Lion knows it’s place, it is king of the jungle, it rules its domain, is in charge, is respected, shows great strength, power & courage.
Lion symbolises Pride.

The Sun gifts you solar/soul energy, with the ability to transform, to bring new life.
The Sun is the ruler of your whole life, your identity, will, ego, spirit.
The Sun connects you to the life force of the Cosmos.
It is a masculine energy.
Fire ignites & transforms.
Fire stirs desires & passions to come to the surface or be released.
Fire is a driving force, that can ignite or destroy.

The aspects of you that are getting the spot light shining upon it is your warmth of character, inner light, confidence, your potential, your real essence & strength.

Have you got fire in your belly?
Are you feeling inspired by a stirring from deep inside?

This Eclipse is closing out the energy from the last Eclipse back in September, can you remember what you were learning then?
This Eclipse is rebooting you & pushing you into this next cycle.
So the Eclipse throws in a curve ball.
Think about you, your world, your dreams………are they reflecting this?
Has this been eclipsed or compromised in you?
Have you stopped loving & taking pride in you?
Have you stopped dreaming?
Have you stopped fighting for those dreams?
Has your pride or ego been dented or challenged?

The Sun is in Aquarius, the freedom lover.
Moon is in Leo, your essence, strength, pride & passion.

So Full Moons are pressure cookers, culminations of cycles, designed to put the spotlight on areas of your life & you, illuminating what may have been hidden.

So see what has rumbled into your awareness this last few days & be prepared to get real with what needs to change or let go.

If your path is opening up, trust it.
The Universe is saying go for it.
Dream those dreams & take that chance.
Believe in you, it’s time to Roar.

Be Brave
It takes a braveheart to look fear in the eyes, and then leave it behind.

Love, light & blessings


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