Aquarian New Moon

New Moon Blessings.

This morning at 10.37am (Adel) we have our new moon in Aquarius, an Air sign, governed by 2 planets, traditionally Saturn, (the planet of lessons/growth into wisdom with its modern ruler Uranus, unexpected changes/enlightenment.

We have both the Moon (feminine) & the Sun (masculine) in perfect alignment, as well as connecting to the powerful & famous Egyptian lovers constellation of Osiris & Isis. They are united again in the heavenly skies. Together there is great power, alchemy & Magic to tap into.

Aquarius is depicted by the water bearer & gifts us the energy of freedom, liberation, individuality, humanitarian, wisdom, reasoning, change.

But in the negative you will be stagnant, refusing to grow & change, bloody minded or stubborn, an airhead, dislodged & living in a fantasy world.
You may find ankles maybe playing up & swelling as you refuse to love you & your world.
This energy is about change & growth, you may be trying to change others & resisting change yourself. If you do the bottom will fall out of your world, for Uranus will drop that atomic bomb to enforce the change.

Aquarian energy gifts you visionary glimpses into a future way beyond your hopes & dreams, this is what Saturn gifts you, if you have done the work, learnt the lessons, grown & expanded & are now manifesting, the world of your dreams is waiting to arrive.

My Guidance, quieten the monkey chatter in your head, allow yourself the freedom to grow, liberate your heart & soul, nurture the sacred soil of your dreams.

The Age of Aquarius is being birthed, a time for communities, humanitarian, visionaries, peace & freedom for mankind. This is what we are feeding & birthing now. This is what this 9 year cycle will manifest.
So in this universal 1 year, be very wise about where you choose to place your energy & focus, it will become your future reality.

Dream your world into being.
Follow that dream.
For the time is now.

Blessings, love & light,


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