Divine Timing

Divine Timing
11/1/1 = 22/4 Master Day
Full Moon Eve

Today has gifted me so much clarity, guidance & blessings.

There is magic in the air.

The numbers gift us the 11 day, 1 month, 1 universal year, 4 1’s

11 The number of Self Mastery.
The universal vibration is a 22/4 day, the Master Builder.

The heavens have aligned with a Grand Cardinal Cross.
As I looked at the alignment I was amazed.
All the 4 elements are represented.
The alignment all 22 degrees.

Jupiter (expansion) in Libra (balance /element of Air).
Sun (masculine/transformation) in Capricorn (determination/grounding in the element of Earth).
Saturn (Karma) in Sagittarius (philosopher / element of Fire).
Moon (Feminine/cycles) in Cancer (Families / element of Water).

So there are the keys to your lessons & where the triggers of the upcoming Full Moon will be.

Grandmother Moon is in the sign of Cancer already, as she builds in her gentle, yet firm persuasive way, of shining her glorious wisdom to light your path with these lessons.

There will be much focus & pressure building on family, connections, relationships, emotions.

She’s not full until tomorrow night so work with the energy not against it.

Today is a blessed day indeed.

Be able to change yourself & the world will change with you.

Love, light & blessings


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