11/1/2017 = 22/4 Master Day

11/1/2017 = 11/1/1 = 22/4 Master Day

Wow look at the power in those numbers.
We have 4 1’s
11 day, 1 month, 1 universal year
Those magnificent doorways are there for you again.
11th day of the year asks you what have you Mastered so far?
Then we add the whole day and we have 22/4 the number of the Master Builder.
What a blessing to receive so soon in this year of opportunity & new beginnings.

The universe is gifting you the opportunity to dream, create, manifest & build the life of your dreams.

But there’s the key.
First you must do the work on Mastering yourself.
Once you have achieved that level of knowledge the next level is in the creation & manifestation.
The one who is equipped to build their world to create their dreams & destiny.

22/4 Masters have big lessons in life.
I know, I was born with these numbers.
We are born & needed to be of service, for humanity, for communities. Building a brighter, happier world wherever we may be called.
You always build on & seek your knowledge.

So what kind of world do you want to build & be a part of?
What lessons do you need to build on to find the wisdom now?
What hopes & dreams do you want to build on to manifest & transform into reality?
What foundations have you built for those dreams?
Are you going to step up to the challenge & build a world beyond you dreams?
Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?

We are all put on this Earth for a sacred reason. It’s time to step up & be that amazing human filled with passion, purpose, strength, courage & self belief.

Shine brightly dear ones, for it is a time for mankind & the world to awaken.

Love, light & blessings

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