Reflecting on 2016

Reflecting on 2016

What a year.
What a journey.

I’ve sat doing my reflecting on 2016.
I saw a year of extremes & balancing.

Personally I have endured some of the most soul destroying times of my life this year.
Several times I shattered into a million pieces.
Many times I was brought to my knees as the lessons got more brutal.
I’ve shed & splattered.
I’ve had to let go.
I’ve lived & learnt.
My life & world transformed.

On the other side I was blessed beyond words with my souls evolution & journey.
My soul started to fly with it’s hard earnt wings & shine brightly.
I stepped forward in my calling & honoring my authentic self & truth.
I walked through the dark night of the soul many times knowing I hold the strength, courage & self belief to shed light & find my way in the darkest ugliest places.
Doors & pathways miraculously opened.
I met many amazing enlightened souls to inspire me to keep going.
I travelled to gather & share my wisdom.
I launched my website.
I am one of Australia’s 13 Grandmothers.
I gained valuable qualifications.
I finally started my dream of teaching.
I rebuilt my life from my dreams.
I learnt to get used to a new home, new lifestyle, new phase of my life & a new way of being.
I walk my walk & talk.

I learnt that I no longer have any fears.
Fear of betrayal.
Fear of abandonment.
Fear of being alone.
For I faced everyone of them & won the battles that had haunted my soul for many lifetimes.

I learnt that I am strong.
I learnt that everything I ever need to survive & thrive resides deep within my soul.

I learnt who I Am.

2016 I bow my head in gratitude to you. I thank you for the lessons & wisdom gained.

I welcome 2017 & the blessings & journey that awaits.

Love, light & blessings

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