Happy New Year 1/1/2017 = 1/1/1

Happy New Year
1/1/2017 = 1/1/1 day

Look at all those ones.
One day, one month, 2017/10/1 year
Today really is new year.
New beginnings.
Divine timing at its best.

We have a 1 universal year.
It’s like we have a unique opportunity to manifest exactly what we want & have worked so hard to clear the way for.
A blank canvas to design any way we want.

1 is the number of self.
1 is new beginnings, the start
When we have multiple 1’s it forms doorways or pathways for us to energetically step through.
Double 1’s create 11, the number of self mastery.
When it’s tripled 111 we have the power of 3, the holy trinity, the coming together of body, mind & soul.

We have moved into this new vibration of the 1 universal year straight after the New Moon in Capricorn, our Cardinal Earth reset point.

It allows us to be our authentic self.
To be a truth seeker or a light bearer or whatever you focus on, you will transform your world.

Dream big as our vibrations lift so does what we can manifest & attract into our world.
We know what we don’t want.
We have shed & created the space, now we start to reap what we have sown.

We are starting a whole new 9 year cycle, so make sure you are true to you & it’s your authentic life & world you dream into being.

Thank you for your support & I look forward to what 2017 gifts us.

Wishing you all an abundance of
Love, light & blessings for 2017 & beyond.


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