Energy Update Slow down, you move too fast.

Energy update
Slow down, you move too fast.

Such interesting observations this morning.
I went to the shops and everyone was so dazed, confused, disconnected.
Really vague & absent minded.
They were there in the physical but not connected at all.
Many people blankly looking at what to do & get, but not getting the answers, like there was a glitch in the thought patterns & connections.

It’s the Earth energy coming in.

Earth energy is meant to slow you down.
To ground you.
To stabilise things.
To help things settle.
Earth energy to bring us all into the present moment.
To reset our focus & foundations.
Realigning us to the new 2017 vibration.

Watch & see.

We are all coming out of the storm that 2016 created in our worlds.
One thing I know for sure,
When you come out of the storm,
You will never be the same again.
That’s what the storm’s all about.

As I write this I hear
Slow down you move to fast,
You gotta make this moment last……
Feeling groovy

Love, light & blessings

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