New Moon Blessings

New Moon Blessings

Today we have some special magic happening. We have our New Moon at 5.23pm (Adel).

So what’s so special you ask?
Well we have both our Sun & Moon in the same sign, Capricorn. Depicted by the Goat, it is the Cardinal Earth sign or reset point.

It’s energy gifts you the energy to ground, set strong new foundations, to feel safe & stable.
To start fresh or to renew, reboot, restart.
It’s about your ambition, discipline, dedication, hard work, the need for recognition or to understand where you fit in your world.
It will gift you the ability to finally see growth or new shoots or opportunities or pathways from where you have planted & nurtured those sacred seeds of your hopes & dreams.

Physically you may feel strong, balanced & grounded.
You may have set nice strong healthy boundaries.
If unbalanced you will have creaky aching bones & joints, upset stomach & problems with your bowels or elimination. Or stiff & sore necks.

The Goat never gives up despite the size of the mountain it has to climb to get that succulent tree branch.
It knows it needs to search, to be on stable ground, to endure, to focus, to believe in itself, to trust its instincts.
It just sets its sights & sets off.
That’s what you can do now.
But be warned don’t get stubborn or bloody minded, for there is nobody more stubborn, unforgiving or rigid than a determined Capricorn.

Mother Earth has been doing some fearce clearing too. Her solar plexus chakra located at Uluru was flooded over Xmas, not seen in many years. This is why we experienced severe storms & rains here in Adelaide, as we live on Ley Line 44, which connects right to Uluru. What she feels & experiences, we get.

As we close the energy of 2016 our 9 Universal Year, the year of cycles of completion, endings, destiny.
Your soul has demanded you did the work.
You can be guaranteed your world has been severely shaken & stirred this year.
You aren’t the same person anymore.
You have struggled with so much shedding & releasing but it’s all been for your souls evolution.

So today you are gifted with sacred fertile soil, the new beginnings you have been yearning for.
The opportunity to finally ground, earth & flourish.

To bring in the New Year on New Moon energies is a double blessing.
For this is divine timing.
It is time.

As you dream your world into being dream big, for 2017 our Universal 1 year gifts you just that.
The opportunity to create the world of your dreams.
To grow & expand.
To learn about you.
To break free & let your heart & soul guide you.
To live your authentic life.
To be your authentic self.

Blessings abound.

Love, light & blessings

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