Until you heal the wounds of the past…………

So many people come to me for healing work. I admire them, for it takes great strength & courage to face your deepest pains & fears, to open those wounds.

Many choose to be like the ostrich, sticking their heads in the sand, ignoring how it’s effecting, impacting on their relationships or changes them.

Many self medicate with sex, drugs, alcohol, medications, gambling, food etc.

This is a coping mechanism. It helps you to alter the reality that you can’t or don’t want to face & deal with.

All this does is mask the pain & you end up suffering on different levels.
As your world starts to crumble & as you destroy your self worth & soul in the process.

Until you really heal it,
Until you face it,
Until you let go,
Until there is no emotional charge left,
Until you can get to the point of seeing the lesson,
Until you can see from a souls perspective not just a human perspective,
Until forgiveness takes place,
Until change happen,
Until belief systems evolve,
Until you break patterns,
You haven’t faced your wound or healed yourself.

Only then are you free.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

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