Energy update

Energy update

As we enter the dark moon phase and the closing of 2016, remember to be kind & gentle on yourself.

You may find the need to chill out, sleep more, rest up, go within.
It is the time of inner soul reflection.
The time when we pause to reflect on the journey, the lessons, the knowledge you have now gained.
It’s the time to sit with gratitude for what & who you have in your life.
It’s the time to let go if you have been holding on too tightly.
It’s the time to listen to your heart & soul.
It’s the time when you need to pay attention to your dreams, as messages come that way to you from your soul & guides.

It’s the time of transition between the full & new moons.
It’s the time where you create the space, create the dreams, reflect & get ready to renew.

As we close the energy of 2016, our universal 9 year of endings, completed cycles, destiny awaits.
It’s the time to release, let go & cultivate that sacred soil of the soul where those precious new seeds of your dreams reside, ready to burst into life.

It’s a very important time to do the inner reflection work now, ready to birth the new year & new beginnings you have worked so hard for.

Love, light & blessings.

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