Mental Health

Mental Health

Please do not judge a book by the cover.

Many people fight battles behind closed doors.

Many families go through hell supporting loved ones with mental health issues.

Many families & relationships torn apart by destruction & not being able to get the professional help & support needed.

Sadly, often, families didn’t even know how lost & broken loved ones were until they end their life or have a failed suicide attempt.

Sadly, it’s the strong ones that are always helping others, always supporting others, that nobody ever thinks has any problems.

They carry enormous burdens & responsibilities, that nobody ever stops & thinks how are they holding up?

Or maybe have they already shattering into a million pieces & keep soldiering on for love, loyalty & devotion.

We all have tough life lessons.

We all have a shit happens file.

We all have to struggle, be overwhelmed, short circuit, become desperate, vulnerable, diminished.

But that’s situational, we know this time will pass.

Please spare a thought for those who struggle every minute of every day, just to not let nor believe those dark thoughts & voices in their heads.

They can’t “just get over it”.

Just to try & ‘fit in’ or be ‘normal’.

Love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, professional help is needed, not judgements.

Mental Health has such shame & stigma attached to it.

It’s no different than any other disease within the body, it’s your mind & thoughts.

It’s separation from your heart, your light, your soul.

Let’s start to talk about our feelings.

Let’s support & embrace one another.

Sometimes, you need to check on the strong ones too.

Has that strong friend stopped smiling, stopped calling or messaging, fallen off the face of the earth, acting out of character?

A Shaman will ask

When did you stop connecting to nature?

When did you stop singing & laughing?

When did you stop finding peace & joy?

When did you disconnect from your heart?

You find these disconnections, you find a way to healing.

To the root of the problems.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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