Energy Update 14/5/2019 22/4 Master Builder

Energy Update


1/4/5/2/0/1/9 = 22/4 The Master Builder

The energy is intense.

The upcoming Scorpion Full Moon is playing havoc.

The veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, it’s our Halloween for the Southern Hemisphere, so does that give you insight of the energy surrounding us?

We have a 22/4 Master Builder day.

Has the bottom fallen out of your world?

Is it time to rebuild you & your world from the ground up, so you are the beacon, lighthouse, bridge or mountain?

Big wounding, triggers, fears, pain are all coming to the surface now for healing & nurturing.

Much is shifting & purging.

Even the bridges, beacons of light, or lighthouses are weathering mighty storms at the moment.

To be a seer & beacon is a mighty blessing, yet heavy burden.

Not just ours but for Consciousness & Humanity collectively.

Many good people are tired & weary.

Many I have spoken to are at the point they want this all to be over, it’s just too hard.

Even lighthouses & light beacons have to endure the tsunamis of life’s storms, yet still we anchor & shine brightly to show others this is life.

Everything needs it’s moment or time for balancing.

This is the gouhls & ghosts of the past wanting to keep you down.

Wanting to suck you dry of your love & light.

Have you felt like walking away, to sabotage your calling or purpose, as the burden just becomes too great?

Have you had others wanting to keep you trapped in their hatred, ugliness, loneliness & despair?

Have you seen where your love & light no longer belong?

Have you had to sit with great truths, seeing what or whom continually causes you great pain & suffering?

Can someone still inflict a mortal scorpion sting to your heart & soul?

Are you paralyzed with fear, emotions or wrath?

Many are projecting their ancient triggers, patterns, wounding & self worth issues.

Trying to stop you from evolving, letting go, moving forward.

Have you finally realised that maybe they don’t want help, nor to grow, evolve, change & learn?

We are always challenged, often by devastation & chaos, just to see where we are at.

Will you be broken?

Will you be sacrificed again?

Remember the wrath or poison of the Scorpion Medicine.

Often it does feel like a slow painful death inside before rebirth.

You may choose to anchor, you may choose to walk away, you may even be forced to finally choose you above all others.

Grandmother Moon is holding our hands, as she navigates us through the toxic poison emotions towards purification & rebirth.

Be brave Dear Ones,

If your love & light are fading fast,

Reach out to your inner sanctum.

We all need a bit of tenderness, kindness, nurturing, support & healing now.

We all have to choose our path now.

Is it love & light?

Or is it pain, suffering, toxicity, ugliness, poison, shadows, fears & illusion?

Choose wisely.

Otherwise mass destruction will happen.

If it does, then once the storm has passed, you will finally get to see, it was the emotional shit storm you had to leave behind, just to survive.

Then you will start to come back to life & thrive.

I will write more as the Wesak Moon arrives.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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