Energy Update 30/4/2019

Energy Update


There has been a huge stillness, shift in the energy over the weekend.

The eruptions & chaos has happened.

Many had anger, short circuiting, explosions to bring about endings.

Change is happening from resistance to balance.

Many are shaking their heads thinking what the hell just happened in my life & world.

Many relocated or were jolted back on track, literally feeling like they were previously off track, lost, wondering aimlessly, thinking when is all this over.

Some have been at the crossroads, pondering heavy life choices & decisions.

I felt a real heaviness, reflective energy come in yesterday but then I wanted to talk about real truth & how I felt.

All day I’ve felt an awareness, but a sense of when you need to look deeper into things, past that sabotage or avoidance, to find truth or what’s really going on, why are the senses & hackles up?

When I sit & connect deeply to my being it feels like tiny butterflies in my solar plexus, telling me that big changes & transformation within self is imminent.

Deeper there is great joy, like a child alive & free, waiting to come forth. Just happy, playing, peaceful, content, free.

But then I hear, but first child you must leave behind all the pain. You must write Jenny to show others where to look & how it feels. We show you the energy, so you know how it feels to guide others.

As soon as I released the sabotage & restlessness in me, the truth was there.

Life had demanded I see where things were out of balance & that I spoke my truth to rectify things.

Now it’s time for me to complete the healing by loving all aspects of self.

By embracing ourself in totally, the good, bad & ugly, because it’s all part of us & our journey.

All our pain & suffering comes from when we diminish & sacrifice ourselves.

The time of sacrifice is over.

When we are devoid, depleted or diminished we fall into our shadow self, the further we are away from our essence, our Love & Light.

I feel we have all put strong roots down & started to put healthy structures & foundations back into our Earth.

We all worked out what we don’t want & are implementing change, or your lessons will become unbearable until you shatter.

Now we are replenishing & transforming our worlds with the fire in our souls, our spark, our personal power, strength & courage.

Our parent planet Saturn has just gone retrograde, its dishing out our report cards, and don’t parents love report card time. There’s nowhere to run & hide, truth comes out time, so be prepared.

Many will have their Karma served between now & October 3, when the retrograde cycle finishes.

Are you ready to graduate?

Are you going for another journey on the shit happens merry go round?

Are you the Master of your Destiny?

Are you becoming conscious, awakened & coming alive from the inside?

Is there a dream emerging?

Is there a stronger, wiser, empowered version of you emerging?

We head towards our dark moon, preceding our new moon on the weekend. So Grandmother Moon will also take you on a journey to feel deep within, be still, be present, be introspective & your truth will be there.

I hear big changes are coming for May, our 5 month, the number of change.

Today end of April, I keep seeing the 4 elements, 4 mighty pillars, the 4 corners & directions have anchored in, big new foundations & structures for many.

Today 30/4/2019 19/10/1 day – new beginnings.

Personally, I’m about to pack for some Jenny timeout & journeying at Shamanic Retreat, just the nurturing my soul needs.

Are you finally honouring, loving & nurturing you?

Have you finally pulled yourself out of everyone else’s chaos & dramas?

Are you focusing on your happiness & journey?

The hierarchy never cease to amaze me.

By allowing me to make such sacred links & connections, helping myself to grow, I then get to pay it forward, sharing my wisdom & journey, being of service.

To help self & guide others, isn’t that what life’s all about.

Hold on Dear Ones, I can feel it in my bones, big change is here.

Don’t let the sadness of your past, and the fear of your future, ruin the happiness of your present moment.

There is no time like the present to embrace you & your life.

Make every moment & experience count.

For it’s what has shaped you & brought you to this place & moment in time.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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