I’ve talked to a lot of people lately who are all saying similar things like, I’m over being a human.

Many thinking this journey is too hard, it’s torture here, I don’t belong here.

Yes this Earth walk is the hardest journey you will ever undertake.

It’s the most prized evolution for your soul.

But it’s not Earth that you don’t like its humans.

Sit with that thought a moment.

The ugly, greed, control, power struggles.

The hurt, pain & suffering, actually the sheer torture of being a shadow of your magnificent I Am essence.

You resent how hard it is to vibrate in your essence & that you feel bound, diminished, insignificant or dumbed down.

Your true essence fading as you feel like you are dying slowly inside.

You always feel alone, you don’t belong, until you find your soul tribe or like minded souls.

The 3rd dimension dense thick carbon energy can feel like we are being buried alive.

Like it’s alien here, we belong & come from somewhere else.

But I believe it’s the disconnect from our heart space, or I Am essence, that makes us feel so alone, so unseen, so unsupported, so unsafe.

Our primal earthly needs are all being controlled or manipulated by humans.

It’s humans that mirror or triggers this within us.

We have those humans with so many broken aspects that hurt, betray, use, neglect, abuse, control, manipulate, sabotage, wingers, complainers, negative, sadistic, narcissistic.

This can form the opinion of life sucks & I just don’t belong here.

I’m just not made that way & get me out of here !!!!!!

This life is full of pain & suffering.

Bingo, that’s the moment you exert your free will.

You have finally learnt your worth.

You leave people, places, situations that are toxic.

You leave the monsters behind.

You change the story or chapter you are in.

You realise this world really is a beautiful place, it’s just those ugly humans that you don’t like.

You realise everything you are not & where you no longer belong.

You plug back into life & self.

You start to resonate your own authenticity & vibration, attracting like minded souls & repulsing negative or destructive humans from you.

If you change this perspective, your circle of friends, your job, your connections, watch your earth walk evolve.

What sort of human are you?

What sort of Earth walk will you walk?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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