Energy Update 19/1/2019

Energy Update


The energy has been greater than I have felt in a long, long time as we walk, well, barely survive through the Eclipse Portal.

We have been challenged to our breaking point & then beyond to finally break away from our old patterns, triggers, relationships, pain & suffering.

For me I was held in the deepest recess of my soul for 2 weeks that I had ever reached.

Layer upon layer, lifetime upon lifetime of hurts, wounds of the womb, betrayal, abandonment left me.

My mighty soul surrendering, finally refusing to be diminished or settle for scraps anymore, by anyone or anything.

But life beat me down further, every time I tried an option or at every door I tried to walk through, more harsh realities, exit paths sealed closed, exit doors just slammed in my face, till I had nowhere to go but to the ancient woundings.

If you are of service, a kind & generous heart, light worker etc you would have had similar, or are having a rude awakening, a harsh reality check about the imbalance of your giving & receiving.

Where you sacrifice you, your needs, your happiness, your truth because you never want others to hurt.

Where you have been too strong, enduring & sacrificing for too long.

Where you have played small or diminished yourself, your dreams, your energy.

Where you have not been seen, heard, loved, honoured or respected.

You can no longer stay in this old vibration.

It’s torture to your soul.

You feel like you are dying a slow painful death inside, and you are.

It doesn’t serve you.

Now we build to our Leo Full Moon & total Lunar Eclipse on Monday.

The pressure cooker & big release is happening now.

Let go, let it flow, release.

It’s directly linked to our 8/8 Lionsgate, where we walked through the transformational fires & stepped forward into our Rites of Passage.

Well now the University of Life says your mighty essence is ready to roar, but do you even know it, connect to it, believe it, own it?

A Lion doesn’t have to tell anyone its a Lion, it holds its strength & power, it’s regal, and walks & rules its kingdom with balance, harmony, ease & grace.

So Grandmother Moon says where have you fully eclipsed this essence within you?

Where is your Lionsheart?

Where is your strength & courage?

Where is your pride in self & your dreams?

The Capricorn Earth energy pushed us beyond our endurance & forced mass destruction of old paradigm & belief systems.

Old worlds shattered.

New foundations are being layed & forged.

We will feel the release of the oppression or heaviness as we bring in Aquarian Energy tomorrow, a breathe of fresh air, lightness, freedom awaits.

It is the water barer allowing the water or emotions, to flow activating the new earth & new growth, new beginnings.

Aquarian Air energy must be free or it will suffer great mental torture & duress.

So be prepared, if you are still compromising, diminishing, enabling, refusing to grow, then you will be in for a brutal awakening.

Anything that diminishes your mighty essence will receive a mighty challenge.

Rites of Passage are never easy journeys, but when you come out the other side, there is a core resilience, belief, truth, that is unshakable.

Life changes us from the outside.

People change from the inside.

Hold on Dear Ones, our purest essence is coming home.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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