Energy Update 18/2/2019

Energy Update


So many are feeling like this.

Soul weary & tired to the core of your being.

The energy of change & transformation is upon us, as the pressure cooker to release through the upcoming Full Moon energies intensify.

Everything is coming to the surface.

Nothing can be hidden anymore.

Masks have fallen off.

Ugly humans & their actions are being exposed.

Your deepest, darkest, pain, sufferings, triggers, patterns & woundings, to finally release & let go of their mighty burdens to your heart & soul.

Watch for judgements or blame, it’s not about that now, it simply about the surrender, shift & change.

You are the storm or change needed in your world.

You must find, retrieve, love, nurture, support, forgive, be kind & encouraging to this mighty essence that has waited so long for you to be the hero of your life & story.

Only you can do it for you………

That’s what you are grieving & yearning for.

The place where you are genuinely free to be you in your pure essence.

Free to be loved, honoured, accepted, nurtured, honest & able to walk & talk in your truth & integrity.

Where life is simple because once you are awakened & conscious you see things from a Souls perspective, not a human physical lower vibrational level.

You crave belonging, so you seek out your soul mate, soul tribe, soul family, feeling so alone & misunderstood until you do.

You will no longer tolerate, compromise nor accept old behaviour or patterns.

You will speak great truths, stand your ground.

You may need to let out a mighty roar & let some know they need to back off & teach them just who they think they are playing games with.

You will no longer accept poor behaviour or settle for scraps.

You can no longer self sabotage.

You can no longer suffer in silence.

You can no longer be anything but authentic, anything else is simply a waste of your time & energy.

Many old friendships, relationships & family dynamics simply no longer serve you.

Some may have to walk away to save themselves, from those who choose to stay asleep or diminish you.

When you surrender to this, then watch you & your world transform beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you homesick for a place that you don’t even remember exists?

One where you are loved & understood?

Well how can another if you don’t understand your own needs?

It’s all deep within you.

Everything you need to not only survive but thrive is already there.

Just waiting for you to shed love & light upon it.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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