Energy Update 10/2/2019

Energy Update


Many I have chatted with including me are exhausted, soul weary, tired to the core of our beings.

We have been clearing & healing our ancient soul woundings, as individuals, with some also doing clearing for communities, universal Consciousness, Pachamama, Net of Light, Starseeds & beyond.

We have been challenged beyond our breaking point to move through the heavy dross that buried your pure I Am essence deep within your shadow self.

Everything in your world is challenged throughout this mighty Rites of Passage time.

It is a new world.

It’s freedom & liberation time, but that often comes with a hefty price tag, your old essence, belief systems, patterns, triggers all challenged, your world that doesn’t serve you crumbles at your feet.

You may feel literally like a newborn in a very foreign place, time line or situation.

You may feel shattered, splattered, overwhelmed, exhausted, upheaval, bewildered, confused, lost, empty, alone.

But it’s designed to empower you & take you through that very resistance, lifetimes of stored pain, suffering & woundings, to finally break & blow that shadow up to smithereens with your unconditional love & light.

Because you have put or agreed to allow those conditions to remain with you …….until now.

Until you finally realise you are & deserve so much better than scraps or remain diminished in any capacity.

If you do you will have great pain & suffering on your heart & soul now until you break free of this ancient woundings.

There is a mighty rising of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine within us all.

A sacred unification.

A reemergence of heart based humans, not mind controlled robot humans.

The awakening is happening on mass.

We are gifted pride in your surroundings, tribe, yourself & your kingdom.

It is the king of the jungle & Lion has the respect or is feared by all other animals, because it has portrayed strength, courage, agility, protection of self, adaptability.

Lion has stepped up & claimed its regal place on top of pride rock.

They also know when to rest, sleep & when to hunt.

When to be solitary & when the strength is with in the pack.

Lion knows it’s place, it owns its place.

So here is your keys to work through this current energy.

Where have you been overshadowed?

Where have you allowed your pride to get in the way?

When did you stop loving you or taking pride in you?

Has your pride become unbalanced to stubbornness or arrogance?

Are you strong enough to rise to the challenge?

Are you going to let fear take what’s rightfully yours?

Are you going to exert strength, power & courage to break through perceived obstacles?

Do you need to walk with ease & grace?

Do you need to let out a mighty cautionary roar to let people know just who they think they are trying to play games with?

Or have you engaged in a mighty battle, now licking your wounds or regal in victory?

Did you need to make a stand in the face of adversity & stare down a ferocious challenger or tyrant?

Do you believe in you?

Are you ready to step up & claim your destiny?

Has the King of the jungle bowed down to his Queen, realising he is King of nothing without her?

Have you seen who should remain in your pride/tribe & who has shown they are unworthy after disrespecting & dishonouring you & your graces?

This is exactly what this energy is demanding of you.

The universe has opened a mighty gateway since our recent eclipse reflected exactly what was still out of balance in your life, for we are all at pivotal points in our evolution.

You get to choose.

Are you ready to accept your destiny, step up & take your place?

Or are you going to cower in the shadows?

Are you on your path of Self Mastery?

Are you finally the Master of your Destiny & no longer a prisoner to your past?

The heavens are open, waiting & watching.

The heirachy are offering you a helping hand, reboot, upgrade or an all mighty shove.

But what direction will you go?

I thought about quitting, then I realised who was watching.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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