The Spiritual Journey

The Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey is the most shattering, splattering, shedding, brutal slide into the mighty spiral of life & self.

It has to shake you, wake you, release you, find you, heal you, call you, change you, become you.

You literally have to wake up & plug back into your essence.

The very journey is all about unpacking that emotional backpack we accumulated as we descended into a shadow of our pure essence, love & light.

You have to journey deep into your shadow self to find, nurture & retrieve all those forgotten, lost, hidden aspects of you.

You have to face your pain, suffering & fears, gently healing & nurturing self.

You strip away your parents, teachers, friends, family limiting belief systems & discover your own.

You can’t accept who they said you could or couldn’t be.

You have dreams, passion and a burning desire in your heart & soul that something is missing within.

You are incomplete until you take the mighty spiritual journey of self mastery.

Everything you ever need is within you already, you just have to discover who you are & why you are here?

What life lessons did your soul sign up for?

You clear karma & soul contracts.

You find your truth & moral compass.

You search & find out what you believe in or do not believe anymore.

Your vibration shifts & changes, upgrading your very essence & life force, helping you to awaken, ascend, awareness, consciousness.

You challenge the status quo if it doesn’t feel right or make you happy.

You start to find an inner knowing, peace or deep resonance.

You go searching for answers.

You wake up & see past the end of your nose, realising the world doesn’t owe you anything, it’s all up to you & that you make your own happiness.

You realise you didn’t know it all & had lots to learn, finding more heart centred ways to relate with people.

You connect with like minded souls & if you are blessed find your soul tribe, finally belonging, truly loved, respected, seen & heard for your very essence.

The spiritual journey certainly isn’t only Angels & warm fuzzies.

It is for the brave of heart.

I know after I did my Crone journey the Goddess called me home to my ancient self.

A mighty journey that took me to the deepest darkest aspects & challenges within me.

I had to become all of me.

Refusing to let me be diminished in any capacity anymore, standing at the crossroads, at the dark night of the soul, she awakened, a mighty force to be reckoned with.

And has she cleaned house & kicked butt.

She’s a mighty being of love & light, filled with compassion, grace & knowing.

The woman I am today is so grateful to the woman I was yesterday. For she is fearless, strong & empowered now. Because she believed in herself & dreams, taking a mighty spiritual journey home to self.

Maybe the journey isn’t about becoming anything, maybe it’s about unbecoming everything you are not.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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