Letting go

Letting go

Letting go is part of the change.

But it’s often the brutal part.

It’s so very hard to let go of the safe, the familiar, the habits, the addictions, toxic relationships.

Letting go means to surrender, to let go of control, to stop denial and allow energy to flow, transform, transmute, evolve.

How long do we hold onto anger, hurt, pain, fear, abuse, mental anguish, stubbornness, guilt, betrayal, abandonment, trust issues, sexual or emotional abuse, suffering, self worth issues ?

How long do we wait for someone to change or self sacrifice?

Sometimes we don’t even consciously know why we have shit on the liver or hate your life.

All because you are so stuck in your rut, triggers & patterning that you just continue to add layer upon layer of unhealed or unaddressed issues on top.

Change is never easy.

You have to make a choice, to make a change, or things will always stay the same.

We fight to hold on & fight to let go.

But you must let go, release, creating space, for the shift, change, space for the new.

People would rather suffer with the familiar than venture into the unknown.

I was in chanel yesterday, doing some healing work & I got so clearly

“Till death do us part”

Then instantly I heard, yes child some say this in holy sacrament, not understanding the sacred soul contract.

Some get bound on a moral promise, suffering in purgatory for a vow they never would or could keep.

Some think salvation will come from the union but do no work within it.

You break the contract when the soul has honored its contract & karmic debt.

Only then are you free.

Death doesn’t part, the soul does.”

Now that took me back a bit & really made me stop & really ponder, reflecting on this profound insight, and you know it’s true.

How often do people stay married because they made a vow in the eyes of god/church & fear the wrath of the broken vow, never making a change, yet disrespecting & dishonouring the most cherished & divine gift you ever have to honour, your I Am essence, your heart & soul.

That’s the most sacred vow of all with Creator.

The very thing that their soul may need to grow through & embrace to finally become the Master of your Destiny, to change their karmic debt & be free to have a sacred union & journey with self.

What change or profound insights have been dropping in for you?

Your vibration has been changed & upgraded.

If you get dreams, insight, guidance, serendipity take note, that is your I Am essence, guiding you forward to the changes you have been yearning for.

But are you the change?

Are you finally on your path of Self Mastery?

Or are you a gunna or want to play small staying a victim?

How can you shift & change?

Are you ready to grow & become more of you?

What or whom do you need to let go of?

Do you need to create some space in your heart, soul, life, thoughts & emotions?

We are still changing & releasing from the full Moon fall out & we start to go inwards now to get deep truths for change, before our New Moon at the end of the week heralds a wonderful new beginning.

Our new life, freedom, focus, new year, new cycle awaits.

Do the work this week & you will reap what you have sown, a bright future, with a liberated heart & soul.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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