Dimensional Shifts

Oh yes

Travelling through dimensions or vibrational levels is no easy task & takes a lot of spiritual journey & soul searching to evolve, awaken & shift the dense carbon physical energy.

We are crystalline beings of love & light.

Dimensions are a vibrational or energy state not a destination like landing & you are there on the Italian Riviera.

It becomes increasingly more taxing the more finely tuned you become on your path to Self Mastery.

I short circuit if I stay too long in 3D, it drains me, unbalances me, dealing with people who refuse to see, listen, change, want to stay asleep, whilst inflicting great pain & suffering on others. Or get caught up in others crap, often having to go back to that heavy dimension to clear energy.

I set strong healthy boundaries around me, my time, my energy, my love & light.

It takes a huge amount of your personal power & energy to transmute & transform constantly lower dense vibrations.

I am so more effective & efficient when I hold my vibration & elevate to the highest consciousness.

Know your vibration & where you sit.

Know your truth, integrity, virtue, moral compass, belief systems, ethics.

Hold & anchor energy.

Ground heaven & earth.

Become the light bearer not the light worker or human sacrifice.

You aren’t effective if you get caught in the dross with them.

Our days of self sacrifice are over.

It’s time to empower ourselves as the most authentic version of self.

Don’t go backwards, it’s called the past for a reason.

Be still, be in the present.

For that’s what births your future.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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