Energy Update 11:11:11


Today we have the holy trinity 3 x 11s

11 day, 11 month, 11 Universal year

The power of 3 – Father, Son, Holy Spirit,

or Maiden, Mother, Crone,

or Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth.

Mother, Father, Child.

So the 11:11 Portal is open

The portal of Self Mastery, Consciousness, Awareness, Humanitarianism

What are you about to leave behind & step through?

Another way of being?

To live your life your authentic way?

To open to give & receive love?

To be the best version of a human being you can muster?

To learn, grow, change from your life lessons.

To love, nurture & empower yourself?

Who are you?

What is your purpose or how can you be of service for the greater good of self, loved ones, families, communities, humanity?

What or who are you stepping forward to become?

Are you transforming & can feel the new you being birthed?

Can you feel your hard earnt wings starting to twitch as they unravel so you can fly?

Dream big dear ones, dream big.

For great blessings are being bestowed upon the brave, strong, courageous, compassionate, heart centred, light beacons & light workers, earth angels, star seeds, earth workers & guardians, bridges & trailblazers, all the beings of light that have worked tirelessly & selflessly for many years, for the greater good.

Consciousness is shifting.

Many have awakened now.

By the power of 3

It is done.

Spend some time today in meditation, prayer or stillness. Visualise yourself walking through a doorway, archway, gateway or whatever the 11 represent for you, into the future you truly desire & finally know that you not only deserve but desire so much better.

Set your intention & let the universe know very clearly what you want from your heart space.

Then trust, manifest & dream your world into being.

You just may get or be beyond your wildest dreams & imagination.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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