Energy Update 10/11/2018 1:11:11

Energy Update



5 x 1s again

Great insight is available today & all weekend.

It’s a powerhouse, look at all those 1’s.

They form pillars, doorways or gateways.

1 is self, 11 is mastering self

You have 5 x 1s the number of change.

Great change is upon us, the old outdated paradigm simply cannot stay.

Great opportunities await.

Before the 11:11 Portal tomorrow.

What are you stepping into or through?

Are you finally ready to be the Master of your Destiny?

Are you the mighty Phoenix rising from the ashes now, rebirthed into your authentic self?

Have you finally connected to your higher self through your heart?

Do you finally know yourself, your needs & why you are here?

Have you shed & let go, finally feeling a sense of freedom or it’s time?

Have you gained great emotional, spiritual & mental insight & clarity?

Has the University of Life given you the greatest lessons?

What did you learn & grow through?

What did you have to see?

Have you finally learnt who really is in your corner & has your back?

Have you seen the dead wood in your friendships & relationships & done some pruning?

Trust that inner knowing, that moral compass, that gut feeling, that synchronicity, those signs, that intuition, that guidance.

It is time Dear Ones,

Be brave, be courageous, be authentic,

Be you.

The time of great change is here.

Always trust your instincts Dear Ones,

They are messages from your Soul.

They will guide you home to you.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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