Welcome November 1:11:11



Welcome November

5 x 1s what a powerhouse day.

14/5 day 5 – the number of change.

If you have been waiting for a sign that new beginnings are on their way it is here.

We are in the heart of Scorpio season, and it’s all about death/endings & birth/rebirth.

It’s a Water sign and deeply emotional.

You would have been plunged into the dark abyss within to shed light on or save broken aspects of you.

That is no easy process, and it has pushed all of us way beyond our comfort zones & limits.

But it was designed to help you break through any emotional resistance.

The old patterns, triggers & beliefs were stopping you evolving & from being the best version of you.

The ugliness has been forced into the light now, great truths, great challenges, great opportunities for change as justice will be served & balanced now.

Your many Self Mastery lessons you have faced, but what have you actually learnt & what are you becoming?

So now the mighty Phoenix (your soul or I Am essence) will start to rise from the ashes, helping you rebuild, release, revive, survive & thrive.

We walk into our 11 month in 11 Universal year on the very 1st day.

Can you see that’s you finally walking through a double arch of 11 – the number of Self Mastery, where you have unified the singular you that was driven by the mind/ego & you are now becoming a different person or human being not human doing.

You are operating from your heart space, there is no duality within you anymore.

You are returning home to your light body.

Your essence, your belief systems, your moral compass, your life lessons.

You start to walk your walk.

You talk your talk.

You start to believe in you.

You start to live an authentic way that resonates as your truth.

You start to be happy.

You eliminate toxic people & things from your life.

You challenge the ‘norm’ if it’s not for you.

You break bindings & old self sabotage patterns.

You don’t allow nor tolerate people, places & situations that cause you unnecessary pain & suffering into or stay in your world.

You must believe in your potential & inner power to bring them into the light.

Shine brightly now dear ones.

It’s time to rise & shine.

It’s time to become the Master of your Destiny.

It’s time to be you.

It’s time to love & honour you.

It’s time to be the best version of you.

It’s time.

Remember you hold the pen to write your story, you create your own authentic masterpiece.

Listen to the whispers from your heart & soul.

It will always guide you home.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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