Take note of the birds, animals, creepy crawlers, insects or ocean life that cross your path.

They are signs or messengers, who hold their own unique characteristics, medicine or guidance for you.

You can have family totems, power animals, birth totems, spirit animals, clan totems etc.

I have different power animals depending on the spiritual work Iโ€™m doing, or my personal ones & my family totem.

I work with lots of different medicine.

It is said that deceased loved ones & we too can shape shift into a familiar animal/bird, just to connect or let you know they are there, or to pass on a message.

Your power animal will always appear with a message, or in your dreams, to guide you away from or through hard times.

You can work with them when doing meditation to access deeper realms.

They guide you home to your very essence, because within you is the very medicine or gift that they hold & offer or mirror to you.

Do you know who yours are?

Think about what animal you have always loved, that always surrounds you, that mesmerised you, that you always see, start there.

When you learn to read the signs in nature you are never alone.

We are always guided & gifted medicine & advice along our path.

The Shamanic journey teaches you how to walk deeply as One upon the Earth.

To connect to all Creation.

I can take you on guided journeys & meditations to meet yours.

Register your interest for upcoming fully Accredited Crystal Shamanism Workshops.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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