An Awakened Man

An Awakened Man

We as Women, have waited lifetimes for your return to your heart space.

A Warrior of the heart is our desire & what we admire.

We as women will love, support & nurture you, it is safe now for you to return home to your hearts.

Men have suffered such oppression too for so long.

Told to leave home as boys to fight in wars & see & participate in horrors nobody should see.

Energetically carrying so many fractured aspects & wounding to their souls.

Generations of men returned from war haunted, hollow & detached, shadows of themselves, and absent to their families or hard as stone.

Boys are told to toughen up & stiff upper lips.

Or stop that, don’t be a sook, boys don’t cry or sensitive boys get mocked & told to harden up.

Or it’s ok to be boofheads & it’s just laughed off with “boys will be boys”.

Boys get encouraged by peer pressure to devour or score notches on their belt, like women are pieces of meat or trophies, instead of being taught how to love, honour & respect women.

Men are made to be robots for 50 years of their lives & become comfortably numb, often resenting their life & sacrifices, but feeling stuck through obligation & duty, just to play the “mans role” of provider.

Man has always been the hunter/gatherer but greed & power took over.

Can you see how we all got it so wrong & this is the mighty Awakening & Consciousness we are all living through now.

A return to our own individual divinity within, and it’s hard to change such hard, ingrained, multigenerational patterns.

But we are the change………

One by one we are Awakening & healing these mighty wounds & patterns.

A mans greatest calling is to love, honour & protect women so she can walk this Earth unharmed.

A woman’s greatest calling is to lead man back to his heart, so he no longer remains hard & cold, returning him to Source.

We are in this together.

We make each other full, whole, complete.

We empower each other to be the best versions of self we can be.

Rise & awaken your Sacred Masculine hearts.

See life from a different consciousness or perspective.

As a woman, to meet & be in the presence of an awakened man is truly divine, strong yet heart focused, there is no fear, because ladies, you know they will see & hear you.

When we all learn to come from our hearts not our heads, the world will be a better place, with balance, peace, harmony, love.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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