Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage,

The journey through life.

It is time to be…..

The journey from a human-doing to a

human-being is a mighty journey.

How often do we spend all our time & energy doing not being.

Constantly rushing around, scattering our energy, spreading ourself so thin, that we end up with empty tanks.

We please everybody else but ourselves.

Always searching for outside validations.

Thinking that’s how we get loved, seen, recognised, nurtured, to belong – our primal earthly needs & lessons.

We become a shadow of ourselves, broken, lost, alone, vulnerable, diminished.

Our love & light, our very essence falls into the shadows.

The very place we all fear yet have to face.

That’s when we become angry, bitter, resentful, distrust, closed off, detached, project, trigger & wound others.

Hurt people hurt people.

They are the ones that need the most love, compassion & understanding or forgiveness.

It’s the place where we may appear our most threatening, ugliest, vulnerable & empty place of existence.

It’s a cry for help, I’m so broken & alone, please someone see me & save me.

But you have mastered self loathing & self worth issues.

You won’t ask for help or keep everyone at arms length, because you know you just can’t take one more hit.

But you know you will get exactly what you focus on or need to survive.

To stop doing & be.

We become unbalanced, reactionary, closed off, feeling undeserving of love & happiness.

We end up becoming a master of our own self destruction & self prophecising & manifesting our greatest pain & fears.

It puts you into the dark night of the soul process.

This is real and you feel you are dying a slow painful death inside.

This really is when you, your world, your beliefs, your armour, your hurt, your betrayal, your abandonment, your trust issues, everything consumes you.

You fall into the black abyss.

You are in the darkest aspects of your shadow.

But that’s the very moment that you shatter, short circuit, say no more, I can’t do this anymore.

I have to break free, run & hide or attack or I won’t survive.

You are being authentically you in your rawest most vulnerable state.

You shatter & the light gets through the tiny crack of the mighty armour you have built around your heart & soul.

You start to peel away the layers.

Just like a baby, you emerge on the other side, delicate, raw, new, precious, purified.

You are now rebirthed back into your essence.

Your being or essence has been rebirthed to the light of a new day, awareness or way of being.

This journey you must take alone.

But the journey is asking you who are you?

Why are you so helpless & alone?

What do I finally need to change, allow, let in, accept, recognise, grow & evolve through?

Because if you don’t you will continue to be the human doing – doing all the triggers, patterns & cycles like ground hog day.

You become depressed stuck in the past or anxious fearful of the future.

But you get a choice, you have the sacred gift to exert your free will.

That is exactly what your lesson is to see the difference of what you are doing & who you are not-being or honouring – your authentic self.

All our pain & suffering comes from not-being or living our truth & essence.

You reclaim & become your essence and you are being-you.

A human-being.

And then you start to discover all those fractured parts of your human-being essence and love them back into the light.

That’s rebirth.

That’s your sacred Rites of Passage.

That’s the journey through the dark night of the soul.

But on the other side the love & light returns with many blessing & your divine greatness starts to reconnect & return.

You have to stop looking at everything that’s external, it’s just a reflection of your inner fracturing & look within to heal.

The greater the shadow/challenge the greater the being/light sits on the other side.

It’s Polarity, our mighty pendulum within & it’s how we balance & be.

It is time to blossom into your full potential?

Can you love yourself whole again?

Just like the lotus flower, it knows it has to go through the mud & murky shadows to break through to the light.

The light from the Great Central Sun.

It reactivates your love & light.

Only then does it open up to the love & light that felt so unreachable, yet was just waiting for you to feel worthy enough to reclaim & be your essence.

Pure, gentle, love, light & exquisitely Divine.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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