Energy Update 20/9/2018

Energy Update


Breakdowns happen before break throughs.

Don’t give up.

It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Many of us have had a huge emotional body purge since the Eclipse season rattle our buried deepest pain & hurt free to be released & healed once & for all.

But that’s not been easy nor pretty.

That’s the shattering, splattering, cracking open of your chest with unbearable pain that the love & light has finally gotten into your Fort Knox surrounding your heart.

But that puts you in a deeply vulnerable space.

Everything comes tumbling out & you will prob go into fight or flight, survival mode.

You will stand toe to toe defending this vulnerability, literally fighting to survive, or you will want to run for your life & hide away, broken saying I can’t take anymore.

And you will feel this way.

That is until you face this fear & pain head on.

Loving & nurturing this fractured aspect of you back whole.

Bringing it back out of hiding in the shadows.

You may feel the need to be reflective.

You may need to be alone to process.

You may be sitting all sad, alone & lost.

How can you learn to trust another with the most fragile & broken parts of you, when you don’t even know or accept them yourself?

You may be thinking that it’s just to hard or unfair.

But in truth, you are getting the right dose of “are you finally loving yourself” Medicine that you needed.

Venus Retrograde simply will not leave you in this space.

This pain & suffering no longer serves you, it’s diminishing you & hurting you, it cruel to your heart & soul.

You can no longer bare this, and you are short circuiting to finally shatter.

We are finally getting balance & the sun/soul food is returning with longer day light coming for new growth, expansion & assimilation.

Sadly if it’s still brutal, you are not living, speaking or knowing your truth.

The upcoming equinox is demanding the mighty scales balance up to herald the energy of Libra.

Great truth, justice, beauty, peace & harmony is the recipe the universe has brewed.

If you or your world aren’t aligned, then you will have swift lessons to learn & restore balance to your world, as the mighty sword of truth is being wielded now.

And it can & will cut away attachments, connections, people & situations.

But beware, if you wield it for ill gain or because of an injustice or judgement, it is a double edge sword, what you give or serve, be prepared to receive & stand by your truth.

If someone wrongly accuses or disrespects you then watch out for the wrath that may follow.

The Aires Full Moon energy is building & its putting a fire under boundaries, restrictions, oppression, authoritarian/controlling figures.

If you continue to try & stay where you no longer belong, the tower (your world/castle/foundations) will crumble around you.

Then the Phoenix will rise from the ashes totally transformed & rebirth.

If you are on your path then your wings will be free & your path towards a bountiful future awaits.

I will write more as the energy builds.

Take care of you Dear Ones.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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