Empowering Women

Empowering Women

When we start to take the enormous journey of self healing, of self nurturing, of self discovery it will be daunting, overwhelming, uncomfortable, the shedding, the seperations & letting go, the releasing, the journey into the shadow self, facing deep fears, uncovering triggers & old belief systems.

But what I do know is on the other side there is the most magnificent gift waiting for you.

Your I Am essence.

It is divine, it is pure, it is who you are, why you were put on earth, why you attracted all those life lessons, people, places & situations. You feel whole again. It’s your own truth, your own moral compass.

Every women who takes this journey honors all the women who came before her for their struggles & journey.

For she knows & senses their blood runs deep in her veins.

She will honour & finally becomes herself in her true divine essence.

She becomes the beacon of light & inspiration for all who cross her path.

She is the Divine Feminine in all her grace, beauty & wisdom.

She becomes the Goddess.

She has lived, loved, learnt & now Mastered the journey & awakening of the Inner Child, Maiden, Mother & Crone.

She has faced her deepest fears, pain & suffering & has journeyed through the pits of hell to be reborn.

She has walked in the shadows with the Warrior Goddesses.

She stand tall & proud in all her glory & light.

She has defeated & conquered the darkness.

She has transmuted & transformed all lower vibrations.

She has honoured & healed herself.

She knows she is more than enough.

She knows everything she ever needs is already within her.

She chooses who she wants in her world, she no longer needs nor relies on others, having learnt the hard way from heartbreak & disappointment.

She honours her fellow sisters, never leaving a single one out in the abyss all alone.

Even when she’s in a world of pain herself, she still has the capacity to love & nuture.

She knows the power, strength & courage that has been forged through time of the Sisterhood.

She knows she is the one to cross the mighty bridge & part the seas for her sisters to follow & to ease their journey.

It’s her Rites of Passage.

She holds the sacred essence deep within her womb.

She is love & light in motion.

She is you.

Women empower Women,

Girls compete.

Where are you placing your valuable time & energy?

When we heal ourselves, we heal all the women who came before us, and all the women that we come in touch with or after her.

Women empower Women………

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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