Energy Update, New Moon Solar Eclipse, Friday 13 July 2018

Energy Update

New Moon Blessings

Partial Solar Eclipse

Friday 13th July 2018

Well this week has certainly been a pressure cooker as we all get challenged on our self mastery journey.

Today is Friday 13

Friday the day of the Goddess.

13 sacred number & number of goddess.

The divine feminine is rising & healing.

New beginnings of heart centred humans building a divine & nurturing connection.

The Goddess within has woken from her self imposed slumber, but when she wakes & calls, there is no turning back.

You will not be able to turn away from your heart & soul, with your purpose awakening.

Our New Moon is at 12.47pm (Adel) in the Water sign of Cancer.

Depicted by the Crab, I’ve explained how she looks fierce with nippers blazing but has a vulnerable soft underbelly, well so do we.

It’s all about family & Mother/nurturing issues.

Our deepest, darkest, hidden wounds, shame & fears have all rattled to the surface to be healed once & for all.

Have you been facing hard times in relationships?

Have you been digging deep into the raw vulnerability of your wounds?

Have you spoken or heard great truths?

Have friendships or relationships literally disintegrated before your eyes?

Has your relationship evolved to a new level of open communication & heartfelt connection?

Have you been dealing with archaic family dynamics?

Have you seen the blessings or pain & suffering family gives you?

Have you seen how your family, parents, siblings, upbringing & connections have shaped or changed you?

Have mighty ancestral wounds come to the surface?

Have ugly secrets of abuse or neglect risen & finally been addressed ?

Have you had haunting memories surfacing or been brave enough to have tough conversations about your childhood?

Have you been dealing with dysfunctional family dynamics?

Are you licking the wounds from family battles?

Then you throw in the partial Solar Eclipse that will be seen in the Southern Hemisphere, starting in Adelaide at 12.37pm & finishing at 12.43pm, followed 4 minutes later by our New Moon.

Now eclipses bring great change & often fear.

Their impact is felt for up to 6 months & we have a trilogy of eclipses coming all on new & full moons.

Great change is here.

This one is asking us where we are still partially eclipsed with our soul work or connection through our heart.

The Sun or our Soul food is eclipsed, so where have you been diminishing yourself.

Who or what is eclipsing your shine & radiance?

Where are you not being your authentic self?

Where are you not being seen & appreciated?

Your Soul or I Am essence is getting a mighty awakening call.

All this wrapped up with a super New Moon, with Grandmother Moon close to Earth & home to nest & rest in her sign of Cancer.

And we all know nothing cleanse house like a woman on a mission or when she or her home are under threat.

Energetically that’s where we are at.

We are all super sensitive.

Many are licking their wounds.

We are all soul weary & feel like we have been pushed to & beyond breaking point, and that’s exactly what this energy was designed to do.

Shatter the old belief systems, the old wounds, the old ugly stories of lifetimes.

Many soul contracts have been completed.

Much ancestral healing has happened.

You have been challenged to step up & be the Master of your destiny.

Do you talk the talk or walk the walk?

Be kind, caring, nurturing, supporting.

Be truthful & honest with all your relationships.

Your integrity, word & essence is paramount.

If you don’t have family then your soul tribe will be your safe place.

But whatever your safe place to fall represents make sure you know it.

Be brave dear ones, the shedding & splattering has happened & now the sacred space & soil is prepared & ready.

Dream your world & life into being.

Love & honour you.

It’s time to live, speak & be your authentic self.

Nothing else will cut it, nor be accepted.

You simply won’t be able to maintain the facade or illusion.

All masks have fallen off.

All wounds exposed.

Everything is there for you to be the hero of your story & now you are ready to live & be the author of your story.

Love yourself whole.

Give yourself all the love & nurturing you need.

For then with open hearts the path forward appears, our long dreamed of life awaits.

But only the bravest will reach for those stars & dreams.

Great healing & blessings are here.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls


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