Welcome July – Energy Update 1/7/2018

Energy Update – Welcome July


1/7/11 =19/10/1

1 universal day – New beginnings await

1 day – new beginnings, self

7 month – soul journeys

11 year – the year of self mastery

New beginnings for the soul & self mastery.

Congratulations, we are half way through 2018 our Universal 11 self mastery.

For many it’s been full on & few can say their world has been unchanged or looks the same.

Truthfully most are shaking their heads & wonder what the hell happened.

Worlds have crumbled.

Relationships evolved or self combusting.

Many are stripped raw, bare & vulnerable.

We aren’t the same as we were a month ago, 6 months ago almost seems a distant memory & another lifetime.

So much has evolved, so much has been released & been worked through.

But in reality any new cycle or beginning takes a lot of fine tuning, until we perfect or know exactly what we want or need.

These Rites of Passage to self mastery & soul empowerment are a whole different level.

The great energy shift in dimensions & Consciousness have been constant, exhilarating yet exhausting for many.

Universally many souls have been awakening from their slumber & amnesia, starting to search for a deeper meaning of life.

July the 7th month.

7 the number of the soul.

Cancer – the energy of family, belonging, home, nurturing, maternal/mothering issues.

Deep emotional wounds & triggers will come up to see if you have grown & learnt, or do you need another cycle on the merry go round?

So there is your key.

Does that show you where you will be looking or drawn deep within your soul?

What soul lessons are or have appeared?

Great spiritual insight, growth & ancient healings are being offered at present.

Many are seeing, feeling, dissolving, renegotiating & understanding the soul contracts they have with family & partners.

Many are doing deep ancestral healing & finally seeing & releasing the deep wounds & traumas that have run through your bloodlines for generations.

Many are being magnetically & magically drawn to like minded spiritual souls & finding their soul tribes.

Many are being drawn to the Teacher who holds great wisdom or new path of soul growth.

The Divine Feminine is rising within & collectively, as Sisters rise together, we hold each other in sacred circles & friendships that have withstood the test of time, as we release the wounds of the womb.

The Sacred Masculine is taking off his armour & stepping through the old patriarchy paradigm, that kept them mute or numb of feeling & surrendering into their heart spaces.

Be prepared for big emotional releases as we finally walk out of our Full Moon in Capricorn, it has demanded we let go & we are left with solid ground to build on.

We prepare for the upcoming Eclipse & New Moon on Friday 13th, yes…….

Then the Lions Gate will open up its mighty gateway to source with pure soul energy & empowerment.

But first you must be prepared & ready to ascend.

The Master now knows their challenges & what no longer serves our highest good. Instinctively you know you cannot nor want to take the old patterns & beliefs that have bound & diminished you throughout time.

They no longer serve you.

There is a holy & sacred place inside you filled with divine wisdom.

Connect with your ancient & wise being that is at the core of your essence, and soon you will be dancing with the heavens.

Love & honor you & soon you will hold great insight, as your all seeing, all knowing 3rd eye guides you home to self.

To those aspects of you that have waited so long for you to find & save, your ancient self & wisdom.

You will start feeling those hard earnt wings are ready & your soul is calling you home.

Freedom awaits the brave.

Hero’s are writing their own stories now as we are now free to write our stories or turn the page to create a new chapter or book of life.

The world we are building now is the world we want to live in, excel in, belong in, thrive in, co-create & manifest abundance.

Do the work now for we are planting sacred seeds for our spring & summer harvests.

We reap what we sow, so dream big dear ones, journey well, work steadily towards your dreams, honour self, be of service, be kind & compassionate to self & others then watch what magically arrives in your world.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB – Energising Souls


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