Unexpressed Emotions

Unexpressed emotions

So many of us are being challenged to dig deep into our deepest pain, fears & suffering.

We are being forced into the very place that we have run from, hide, fear, have isolated, buried or abandoned within.

To the very place of your unspeakable shame.

To the place where your heart & illusions of humans got shattered.

But is your fear greater than love?

Has it changed you?

Have you stopped trusting?

Have you stopped feeling & are comfortably numb?

Have you become bitter, resentful & judgemental?

Have you become easily enraged?

Do you always feel alone?

Do you feel unloveable?

Do you think you are unworthy of kindness or happiness?

Do you have trouble expressing your emotions & feelings in relationships?

Do you sabotage every good thing that tries to arrive in your world?

Do you refuse to change?

Do you enjoy playing the victim or damsel in distress card now for attention?

Do you have a constant pattern, trigger & lesson within your life?

Well dear ones, it’s time to open up the wounds, to release the emotional charge.

Unexpressed emotions don’t go away.

They will come forward later in much uglier ways.

Resolution is the trait of Masters & Kings.

You must now resolve, relate, release, review, reveal & then rebirth.

To finally be brave enough, to find the strength & courage, to face & let go of the very thing that has haunted, diminished or binds you.

You are a prisoner of your past.

You cannot be fully present.

You will be anxious, fear or untrusting if the future.

That unspeakable moment in time needs you to be its hero.

Go save that little child left frozen in fear & time.

Go set that free spirited maiden free to rediscover & explore her magical big wide world out there.

Go nurture that tired, broken, exhausted & depleated Mother, who always sacrifices herself for her family & home.

Go embrace your Crone, the wise one, your ancient wisdom, your higher self, for she holds the keys to your heart & soul.

Let go of all that diminishes you,

Master the monkey chatter/ego in your head.

Journey into your heart space.

Embrace, love & nurture all of you.

Find your words.

Find yourself.

It’s time to speak, walk & live your truth.

To embrace all your experiences as lessons or opportunities to grow & change.

Shine brightly dear ones.

It feels amazing to release the burdens.

It feels empowering to let go.

It’s illuminating getting your essence & vibration back or released.

It’s a wonderful sense of pride & achievement when you know you are no longer broken, weakened or vulnerable.

It’s liberating finding compassion & forgiveness.

It’s rewarding to build the world you want to live in not escape from.

You are home when you can reconnect & bring heaven to earth.

You become the Master or Creator.

It feels wonderful to be ready to live, love & trust again.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings,

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls

(C) copyright JB – Energising Souls


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