Let there be light

Let there be light

Some days you will be the light for others,

Some days you will need some light from them.

As long as there is light,

There is hope,

There is a way.

The power of light can change your world.

Think about it.

When you are sad you say lighten up.

When a room is dark you turn on the light.

When we are in the darkness things aren’t always what they seem & our perceptions & fears can run wild or consume you.

Without light you diminish.

When there’s a bright sunny day you feel light, free, happy & engaged in life.

A single shard of light can pierce any darkness.

A flame, a spark of light is the only thing that holds no shadow. (Try it strike a match or lighter, put it up against a wall, the flame has no shadow only the stick or lighter).

When our thoughts or burdens weight us down we need to lighten the load.

When we are angry we lighten the energy with joy or happiness.

When life gets so tough & you just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When all you can see or feel is darkness, summon the light within.

Call on the light from Source, Creator, God, Angels or whatever your belief system is.

Say I need light now.

Open your crown at the top of your head, drawing down pure white light & with every breathe you take it will come in, pushing through any darkness, real or perceived.

If you can open your heart let the light pour in to ignite your self worth & self love.

Even holding on or planting the tiniest seed of light, it will grow & flourish if you let it.

Plants & nature can’t grow without the light from the Sun.

Nor can we grow & blossom without light, we wither, diminish, fade away, feel like we are dying inside.

We are pure beings of light, and the earth walk takes us the furtherest away from our source of light, our souls essence.

The earth walk is all about reclaiming & discovering what that source of light within is & where it’s from.

When I say love, light & blessings it is exactly what I wish for you.

Love can move mountains & bring change.

Love of self, our Earth, families & others.

Light for hope & to be the beacon that shows you the way, ignites your power & courage in the darkest of times.

Blessings to show you are seen, heard, loved & safe, that all your earthly needs are met.

Love, light & blessings is the greatest thing you can wish or bestow upon someone, for with that you are empowered, enlightened, awakened.

Be a light worker, sharing & spreading this vibration.

Be a light bearer, holding strong throughout life’s storms, showing others the way by example.

Be a light for someone else in the dark.

Be a friend who lights up someone’s world.

Be a good human being & spread love & light wherever you go.

And by sharing it doesn’t diminish you, it empowers you & just may be the reason someone decides to fight through another day or moment.

As long as there is light,

There is hope,

There is a way,

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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