Bucket loads …….

Bucket loads……..Hahaaaaaaa

I heard a wonderful analogy yesterday I would love to share, from a very wise friend and the penny just dropped for me.

I know we have all been feeling like a huge shit pot or shit storm has been brewing in our world.

It may have been your doing directly or indirectly.

Sometimes we stir the pot,

Sometimes it feels like it gets dumped on us from great heights.

Sometimes we feel our bucket of shit is bursting at the seams & overflowing, leaking & seeping into our very being.

But is it your shit?

Or is it others?

Imagine if you don’t have to hold onto that bucket of shit, pain & suffering anymore.

I replaced mine with a golden bucket full of love & light that no shit can stick to,

nor fill that sacred space,

If it’s not of that golden bucket vibration, it simply cannot enter nor remain in my golden bucket.

I’m not storing or holding on to shit anymore.

I’m not adding to my bucket.

I’m not taking on that burden or load.

I’m not sacrificing me anymore.

I’m not responsible for others.

I am responsible for my own energy, actions & reactions.

So if you are a shit stirrer,

Or if you want to stay stuck in your shit then don’t drag others down with you.

Remember, Karma is only a bitch if you are.

You decide what your bucket is full of & what you add to others buckets.

Because you can be guaranteed what goes around, comes around.

Are you going to be counter clockwise or clockwise, positive or negative.

Your choice.

But I know I will always choose to rise above it & hold my golden bucket high.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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