Pay attention to who or what triggers big reactions, emotions or feelings within you for there are golden keys to discover.

It means that there is a deep or ancient wound left unheard, unhealed or undiscovered deep within you.

People act as triggers, often unwittingly, some through manipulation & control, but we all play our parts.

This is especially the case within family pods who are working through karmic lessons, ancestral healing & soul contracts.

Soul Tribes walk a big journey together, because often they have walked many past lifetimes together, finding a deep sense of knowing or reconnection. However as one starts healing their past life & karmic debts, those entwined in the story are triggered and a mammoth chain of events unravel within all the connected souls, as they are all healing deeply.

Sometimes your energy is needed to trigger or clear the air.

Triggers transform & transmute energy or attachments.

Triggers activate Awakenings.

Sometimes love is the mighty trigger, all consuming, delusional, to teach, to grow, slicing & shattering you because of your lack of love for self or another.

Trust or lack of trust is a huge trigger.

Betrayal & abandonment triggers massive defenses & trust issues to be triggered for healing.

Abuse triggers relationship, sexual & trust issues.

Sometimes your contract was you simply agreed to be the mirror, obstacle, delivery of truth, guide, mentor etc.

Sometimes another’s actions or inaction causes a mighty trigger or release within you.

Triggers happen when a word, smell, emotion, action, reaction, memory, connection, disconnection, just trigger a reaction or chain of events.

Often a trigger has a profound effect, like an eruption, explosion, shift, disconnection, or erratic behaviours.

Have you ever seen someone just react so out of character, that it shocks you into seeing a side of them that was cleverly disguised, but alarm bells sound within you & things just instantly shifted or changed from your perspective?

Many incidents like this have been patiently waiting & unraveling for the connections to happen, or prearranged event or timing to happen that changes everything.

You can be sure that if you are triggered it’s to guide you to a place that you have resisted with all your might, or buried deep within to survive.

The trigger can sometimes feel like you have lanced a boil & so much gunk & ooze just comes out.

Imagine if you had left that ugliness inside to make you sick or spread dis-ease within?

Some triggers happen for you to become aware of how plugged into or draining another has become of your energy. The trigger was there to shift or polarise the connection.

Some triggers can take you right back into a past life scenario, a lovers tryst, or deep inner child fears, where much can haunt you, or you learn why you have always felt or reacted in a particular way in this lifetime.

Some people when you meet them can activate an instant trigger of dislike, resentment, love, attraction simply by their energy.

Trust your instincts or reactions, they are never wrong, because they are giving you great insight.

Do you have an irrational fear eg spiders, water, drowning, heights, you can be sure your soul remembers the past life trauma & you are being asked to face this fear or trigger.

Triggers are attached to emotions, feelings or energy charges.

You change or release the charge or attachment, you learn the lesson & heal the wounds.

The current energy you emit & people you connect with will all influence you.

Sometimes you will be stunned at who has gotten close enough, or ends up being the one to deliver a mortal wound, painful trigger, or catalyst within a chain of events.

The Moon cycles, zodiac traits & planets hold triggers & great insight for you.

Have you had huge triggers recently to release emotions & ancient wounds?

Has your deepest pain been triggered?

The Universe is saying you must heal deeply all aspects of you on your path to Self Mastery.

A trigger is a neon sign & welcome mat to a gateway you are yet to explore.

But are you brave enough to journey deep within?

Are you worthy enough to love & nurture you whole?

Are you the Master of your destiny?

I know I Am ……….

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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